Mountain Topper FAQ’s

What does it mean to be a Mountain Topper? 

It’s a feeling. A sense of belonging and yearning for the greatness that is out there. It’s the confidence to change your current narrative and reshape your life journey. This could be a physical, internal or a tangible objective you want to see the summit of. 

What is the "Mountain Top Mentality"? 

The "Mountain Top Mentality" is the embarkation of journeys physical, internal or literal. This could be anything you want to see through to the end and beyond. A place where you ask "What is MY peak state. How do I get to this summit?" It's also the realization that the peak of every mountain is the start of the next.

How does our brand Mountain Top Mentality help me? 

We are an apparel brand, yes. Helping you look good as you feel. We are also a collective for individuals who seek the betterment of themselves as well as the communities they inspire. We offer 

Words to live by:

"We pave roads on our journey. We leave a trail of footprints for future Mountain Toppers to run on. We journey to the places that inspire us to connect by disconnecting." - MTM


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