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Ever wake up and question if your life is just a series of coffee-fueled routines and existential ponderings? Well, join the club, fellow Mountain Topper! We've all been there, particularly in that time-that-shall-not-be-named (mid 2020, anyone?). It was a period when we collectively realized that life needed a bit of a remix, a dash of adventure, and a truckload of humor.

Our hearts craved the open road, the kind that leads to the world's biggest ball of twine, cereal factories with secrets to spill, the majestic trails of the Southwest, Napa wine that practically whispers poetry, and a Sequoia tree that gives the best hugs. We wanted energy that would put Red Bull to shame.

So, what did we do next? Well, we Marie Kondo-ed our lives, traded the old for a shiny new truck, and declared, "If it doesn't fit, it's not coming along!" PEACE OUT, Rhode Island – we embarked on a journey of a lifetime.

Meet Helmer and David, two charming, funny, and devilishly handsome travel gurus who find joy in life's little quirks (allegedly). Oh, and we're the proud parents of the world's cutest fur baby, Emma. Sorry, other fur pups, but the title is already claimed! Emma, the spunky 10-year-old Boxer Lab, joined us on the road, stealing the front seat like a pro and pretending to be an 80 lb lap dog.

After 10 months, 38 states, 36 national parks, and over 50K miles, we found a new home in the enchanting city of Spokane, Washington. The Pacific Northwest (or PNW, as the cool kids say) is a whole different level of amazing, making it surprisingly easy to resist our nomadic urges – at least for a while.

Our mission? To inspire you to conquer your personal summit, whether it's overcoming a roadblock, lending a listening ear, helping those in need, or showcasing your hard work. "Your mountain does not need to be physical in order to see the summit" is not just a slogan – it's a mantra.

While you're busy clocking in 40 hours a week to help someone else's dreams come true, don't forget to pull from the deepest part of you to make your dreams a reality, too!

With all the love and wanderlust,

David, Noel, Emma

"Your mountain does not need to be physical in order to see the summit!"

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